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How to Get Rid of Bugs

Bed bugs are the things of nightmares: insects that crawl in your mattress and drink your blood while you sleep. They are small, brownish bugs that feed on human and animal blood. Adults are oval shaped and when they feed, their bodies swell and turn reddish, but thankfully they cannot fly, and they are not known to transmit diseases. One female bedbug can lay hundreds of eggs over the span of her lifetime, each looking like a speck of dust, and her children can become fully developed in as little as a month.

Many people believe bed bugs can only be transported in mattresses or beds, but they can really hitch a ride on almost any material. They may enter your home on your clothes, in your purse or backpack, on your suitcase, on new furniture, and through many other avenues. You can get them from movie theaters, restaurant booths, furniture stores, and virtually any form of public transportation. Because their bodies are mostly flat, it’s easy for them to sneak into small spaces and invade your home. Since they’re attracted to your blood, not food crumbs or dirt, bedbugs are just as likely to be found in spotless places as in filthy ones. Uh oh!

The phrase “don’t let the bedbugs bite” was coined for a reason: they will feed on you in your sleep. Any piece of skin exposed while you sleep is susceptible to bites, where bedbugs feed from three to ten minutes at a time. While their bites can be painless at first, bedbug bites can become itchy sores, like mosquito bites. Unfortunately, you can’t tell you have an infestation by just examining the bite; the only way to confirm that a bedbug is the culprit of your itchiness is by finding the insects themselves.

At this point, preventing bed bugs seems hopeless and killing them even more so. They could be anywhere for goodness’ sake!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Our goal is to redefine the pest control industry and challenge the status quo. We provide services that are not only safe, but environmentally responsible. This is why we are the BEST pest control company in the Metroplex.

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