Ants in Your Plants?!

Ants can enter a structure through the tiniest of spaces, find what they need to thrive, and invite more ants to come. They can establish colonies inside and around homes and businesses and will send foragers to look for food and will enter a home or business in search of just that.

Ants can be difficult to control and often require active maintenance and monitoring to ensure they do not return. However, Eco-Safe can safely and effectively eradicate any active ant infestation. We offer numerous programs for ant control and can successfully eradicate and/or prevent any ant species from impacting your home or business.

Carpenter ants and fire ants are amongst the most well-known ants. Carpenter ants are a wood destroying organism and can cause expensive damage to structures. If left untreated, it can result in serious consequences including costly repairs. While fire ants will not destroy your home like carpenter ants, they can cause harm to people and pets. Fire ants are stinging insects. Many people have experienced the painful fire ant sting. Fire ants also pose a safety issue especially for those allergic and young children. Lesser famous ants are all very common and not only are ants unsightly, ants can contaminate food. Many people battle the microscopic ants they see trailing on kitchen counters or in restrooms, as well as normal sized ants that can be seen almost anywhere in a home or building. Sometimes, ants can infest a structure and not even be noticed until their numbers grow exponentially or there is a change to their environment.

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