Honey Bee Services

In the past decade alone, the plight of the honey bee has become an important global issue, and rightly so. They are essential for pollinating more than half of all our fruit and vegetable crops, while producing millions of pounds of honey each year. We are dependent on the honey bees’ existence.

Say ‘No’ to Chemical Pesticides

One way we hurt the bee population is with chemical pesticides. These pesticides not only harm bees, but can harm people and pets as well. We encourage bee relocation over any other method, however, we can also take care of bees that are overly aggressive, cannot be relocated, or have been contaminated.

Removal & Relocation

We encourage you to send in a picture to thebeekeeper@ecosafepest.com to find out if you have honey bees or a temporary swarm, and learn if relocation would be recommended. We understand that sometimes relocation may not be possible and when it becomes a safety hazard, we offer emergency services. If your issue is not with honey bees, please visit our stinging insects including wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, etc. Once relocated, these bees can continue their important work, and Eco-Safe can remove the honeycomb for you as well — honey can be hard to clean up! If a hive is left unattended, not only can it attract pests, it can cause further damage to your home or business. If a hive is firmly established in your walls, we know that removal may be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

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