Monarch Butterflies Placement

In the past decade alone, the plight of the honey bee has become an important global issue, and rightly so. They are essential for pollinating more than half of all our fruit and vegetable crops, while producing millions of pounds of honey each year. We are dependent on the honey bees’ existence.

We believe in the protection of people and the environment, so in an effort to help the environment, we offer a monarch butterfly garden service for your property. This includes evaluation and strategic planning of your property and plants to develop gardens that will provide a safe haven for beneficial insects, like these beautiful pollinators.

Each monarch butterfly garden is created to fit the precise desired area of placement, and is designed by an Eco-Safe specialist. As a bonus, if you already have a beneficial insect garden, we can perform treatments that will not dissuade pollinators like Monarchs while providing you the results you desire.

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