Make Spiders Outsiders

The majority of spiders people come in contact with are completely harmless and do not have the ability to bite humans. Spiders are also an extremely beneficial part of a healthy ecosystem. However, Eco-Safe understands that even though what you are seeing might not be a venomous spider, you do not want to see them in your home or business.

Not all spiders are itsy-bitsy. Trust Eco-Safe to identify, design, and implement a spider control program that will make sure your home or business is properly protected.

There are 35,000 species of spiders worldwide and about 3,000 species that live in North America.

Brown recluses and black widows are two of the most infamous spiders that are worthy of fear. Their bites can cause serious consequences to people and animals and when they enter a home or business it can be extremely problematic for residents, customers, and employees. Eco-Safe is well equipped to handle any and all spider situations. We offer emergency services when brown recluses or black widows have been seen.

If there is a food source, you will most likely find a spider. If the food source is eliminated, spiders are less likely to inhabit that space. While we have the ability to target spiders inside and around a structure, our general pest control program successfully reduces spider populations by reducing and eliminating all insect populations in and around structures. Up to date weather stripping and good seals are also great ways to prevent spiders from entering structures. On rare occasions, spiders can infest an indoor location. When that happens, we offer specialized spider services.

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