Get the Sting Out!

The majority of spiders people come in contact with are completely harmless and do not have the ability to bite humans. Spiders are also an extremely beneficial part of a healthy ecosystem. However, Eco-Safe understands that even though what you are seeing might not be a venomous spider, you do not want to see them in your home or business.

Not all spiders are itsy-biEco-Safe will eradicate stinging pests without the sting of using harmful materials in the environement where you live, work and play.

Stinging pests are generally most active in the spring and summer months; however, they can pose a threat all year round. Wasps, bees, hornets, yellow jackets, fire ants, and scorpions each have powerful stings that can cause severe pain and serious medical problems.

Nests and hives of wasps, bees, and hornets may be found in trees, under roof eaves, on equipment such as ladders, in bushes, or even in the ground. It is always best to allow an Eco-Safe professional to locate and remove the nests of stinging pests. Not only are Eco-Safe professionals fully trained and licensed to handle stinging pests, we have the experience and expertise to safely and effectively stop these pests and remove their nests.

What’s worse than having stinging pests around your home or business?

Having stinging pests inside of your home or business. It is a fairly common occurrence. The only way to truly prevent this from happening is to allow Eco-Safe to inspect your property, determine active and possible entry points, and perform a full exclusion. Exclusions are not just for wildlife – they are also effective for other pests. We will quickly, safely, and effectively remove stinging insects and stop them from re-entering. Eco-Safe is equipped to remove hives, nests and even honey comb, if stinging insects happen to colonize inside of your home or business.

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