Miss Phoebe’s: Termite Specialists Since Day One

Termites are an issue for everyone. By feasting on wood and other products that contain cellulose, termites can cause serious damage. Termites have the ability to weaken an entire structure, causing the structure to become incredibly dangerous for occupants. Other costly losses can include attacked carpeting, artwork, books, clothing, and furniture.

Our roots are in expert termite and pest services. In fact, our termite division began in 1962 when Miss Phoebe built a company specifically to provide expert termite and pest services. The first woman-owned pest control company in Texas, Miss Phoebe’s went on to redefine the industry.

Termite infestations are usually hidden, so an effective control program begins with a thorough structural inspection by a licensed termite professional. A treatment plan is implemented after identifying the species of termite and considering the areas of infestation.

Miss Phoebe’s is proud to provide highly effective and safe termite services to our long and growing list of valued clients. If you suspect that your house or commercial building could be a home for damaging termites, or you would like a professional inspection for peace of mind, then we invite you to call us for a free consultation with our dedicated staff.

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